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The Hottest Topics in Crypto News Today If you're trying to find the current in cryptocurrency news today, look no further. There are a number of posts that cover a wide variety of topics, from the increase in price of LUNC (LUNC) to Bitcoin facilities service provider OpenNode's current difficulties. You can additionally check out Stakenomics (STAK) and Solana (SOL). LUNC price has been increasing 6X thanks to proposed 1.2% 'tax shed' on all LUNC purchases The proposed 1.2% 'tax shed' on LUNC purchases has caused a huge rally for LUNC. It has seen its price boost by virtually six times in the previous week, and its neighborhood has even called some crypto exchanges out for their public relations feats. The proposed tax shed will certainly send out a part of each purchase's purchase tax to a dead address, permanently decreasing the supply. It is expected to work on Sept. 20, and it is expected to have a substantial effect on the LUNC price.A suggested 1.